About Us

Poland Angus Ranch is dedicated to producing Angus genetics that will have a lasting, positive effect on the beef industry. Performance, maternal and carcass merit are all important to success.

Poland Angus Ranch was established by Richard and Anita Poland and their children, Brandon, Heather and Erin in 1981. The initial purchase of two yearling heifers from Molitor Angus of Zenda, KS started the cowherd. In the fall of 1981, Richard along with his brother Brian, selected ten high performing bred heifers from Rusk Ranch in Sun City, KS. These ten heifers carried the service of QLC Target and they and their eight heifer calves form the solid performance foundation of the present cowherd.

Sire selection is critical for success in the beef industry. The use of QAS Traveler 23-4, Tehama Bando 155 and GDAR Rito 596 LT laid a solid maternal foundation on which to build.

From the solid performance and maternal foundation laid in the early years, the decision was made in 1994 to concentrate on improving carcass merit while maintaining the performance and maternal traits already in place. The following sires were used to enhance carcass merit: Scotch Cap, Hoff Hi Spade SC 491, DHD Traveler 6807, Finks 5522-6148, B/R New Design 036, B/R New Design 323, Rockn D Ambush 1531, CA Future Direction 5321. These great carcass sires can be found stacked in many of the cows working in the herd today.

P A R B Design Plus 97

P A R B Design Plus 97

In 1997, ABS Global Inc. along with McCracken Land and Cattle purchased PAR B Design Plus 97. In our 1999 sale Bar S Ranch purchased 2/3 interest in PAR B Diamond Design 258 and subsequently sold 1/3 interest in him to Accelerated Genetics. FHCC Classic Rock in the ABS Global sire lineup is out of PAR Lady 818 who was produced in our herd from one of the first two females we purchased.

These genetics have been marketed primarily to commercial cattlemen in south central Kansas and northern Oklahoma through annual production sales held in early March.

The partnership dispersal sale in the spring of 2004 marked the beginning of a new era at Poland Angus Ranch. This sale liquidated the partnership cows to allow Brian to pursue other interests and to allow Brandon and his wife Jan to become an even more integral part of the operation. Heather and her husband Paul own Rolling Hills Cattle Co. and own some top Angus genetics. Erin and her husband Kent keep an active interest in some of the cows here at the ranch.


In October 1993, PAR hosted its first Angus Judging Contest for 4-H and FFA youth. EPDs and scenarios are used along with phenotype to place the eight classes. More information about the contest is available on our Judging Contest page.

Richard was elected to the Kansas Angus Association Board of Directors in 2001 and served as its President in 2006.

In 2014, Richard was presented the Kansas Angus Association’s Honorary Member award.Kansas Angus Association

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